Allen and Page Feeds – Introduction To The Smallholder Range

Emily Brown has worked for the Smallholder Range as South East Area Manager since 2013. Emily is very passionate about feeding animals as naturally as possible and helping owners to overcome nutritional problems with correct feeding. This is her introduction as a contributor to the Mantel Farm newsletter each month…

Emily Brown - Allen and Page
Emily Brown – Allen and Page

What makes the Smallholder Range so different?

Non-GM Ingredients

To be able to offer you the very highest standard of feed the Smallholder Range does all that they can to ensure that all the ingredients used are grown from seed which is not genetically modified (Non-GM).

Vegetarian Society Approved

Smallholder Range feeds never use animal by-products in their feeds, such as fishmeal or vitamins covered in a pork gelatine coating, ingredients which are commonly used in animal feed. All of the Smallholder Range feeds are approved by the Vegetarian Society, which only endorses products that are completely free from these products.

Drug Free

All Smallholder Range feeds are completely drug free and produced in their own drug free mill. No artificial flavours, unnatural yolk colourants, growth promoters, antibiotics, coccidiostats or other medicinal additives are used in our feeds.

Omega 3 Oils

Only using the highest quality vegetable oils and linseed for Omega 3 in the feeds, animal fats and recovered oils such as chip fat have never been used by the Smallholder Range. Also, the oils used are as natural as possible, none of the ingredients found in the Smallholder Range have been processed using chemical solvents.

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