Ian’s Gardening Tales from the Weald – Autumn, Gateway to Winter & Planting Season

Ian’s Gardening Tales from the Weald…

Ian is a Gardens Manager living in Crowhurst, working as part of a team in three large country gardens in the Sussex and Kent Weald, where he is passionate about natural gardening.

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After the clocks have gone back, the temperatures slowly dip and the days grow shorter, I start to cheer. For this is the time the seasons tell me to go home earlier and to rest and relax well!

I enjoy autumn and I enjoy the doorstep to winter. To be honest, summer is fine and we see the rewards of our labours but it has the ability to tire me to excess. This time of the year allows me to enjoy my home and to take stock of the past year and contemplate the next.

I use this time to plan ahead. We are in a planting season, so I’m ordering bare rooted trees & shrubs for planting in between now and April. I’m spending more time sketching designs at home and trawling nurseries for plants when I’m out. I’m taking the time to visit other large country gardens to ‘borrow’ ideas!

We’ll have planted up some new conifer beds by the time this is published. It has been a challenge yet enjoyable. I have used the template from an old design but replaced the original plants with different species of similar shapes.

Yes, the nights are longer yet I become upbeat revelling in the possibilities of what we can achieve next year behind the veil of late autumn and winter nights!

Ian Donovan:  Hips and Haws Gardening, Crowhurst

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