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Christmas Cheer

Christmas 2017 in the mantel farm shop
Christmas 2017 in the mantel farm shop

We hope you like our Christmas newsletter – you can view the full HTML version here. So it’s the last newsletter of 2017! I know we all say it; but where has the year gone? With the recent sharp frosts lasting most of the morning, and the fire alight in the shop, it is beginning to feel a little more like Christmas and it doesn’t seem quite so strange putting the decorations up (I must make those mince pies!)

Jason’s poultry feature this month is about keeping your hens happy in the winter weather, he has been writing for the Home Farmer Magazine for 6 months now and has lots of ideas for topics to cover next year. However, one thing we have learnt is that we need to plan ahead for the photos. Having to write the articles over 2 months in advance can prove tricky if we can’t find photos from our huge library (I am sure it isn’t normal to have as many chicken and other garden farming pics as we have!) but could we find a suitable photo of a bird with snow at a drinker? Well, I’ll just let you imagine the scene here one morning as we chipped ice from the freezer and then tried to convince a hen to have a drink and pose for the camera! Have a look at the article and see what you think; there are some handy tips now we have some real cold frosts!

'White-out' on the farm
‘White-out’ on the farm

Anyone calling into the shop may have noticed the pigs are still out and about enjoying themselves wallowing in the mud that has now replaced the dropped acorns and leaves. This means that we don’t yet have any sausages for sale – our butcher was unable to take them when planned and now the small local butchers are all busy with the Christmas preparations, so our 2 little pigs may be with us to see in the New Year! Had they been a commercial breed this would have caused all sorts of problems with their size and fat content but being a traditional pure breed they only get better (and we enjoy them longer). We will however have to keep an eye on the pen and move them if it gets too wet (more fencing repairs!) but no chipolatas for Christmas!

Join us for mince pies
Join us for mince pies

We have one more event for the year – please join us for mince pies and hot drinks on Friday 22nd December. Jason, Josh and Graham will be in the training room all day discussing and answering questions on chickens, bees and pest control, so please pop in. Our shop will then be closed over Christmas, re-opening Sunday 7th January, however we are still boarding animals during this period (please book soon if you haven’t already as we are nearly fully booked).

We are looking forward to then relaxing with family over the Christmas break. This year has been extremely busy with many things achieved and so I would like to end 2017’s newsletters with a big thank you to the guys who work here and also to all of our customers who make this possible – we really couldn’t do it without you all.

With many thanks and our very best wishes for 2018…
Kerry and Jason


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