Laurie Wilkinson, The Psychy Poet – IS It Merry Christmas?

At a recent business event I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie, who has written so many great poems – his books are definitely included in our family’s stockings, and I just wanted to share his work with you all here. Laurie has supposedly retired, now spending his time writing and sharing his poems. All the profits made from his work go to the Help for Heroes Charity so this is a great way to enjoy a poem, buy a great gift and help a great cause.

The Psychy Poet
The Psychy Poet

IS it Merry Christmas?

Christmas cheer fills the world
All ready for that special day,
Got to have the greatest meal
For the best ever family day.
Smiling faces beam for the photo
All happy sat round the table.
Well mostly smiling, some just trying,
To look as happy as they’re able!

For Christmas isn’t all it seems
Despite your spending and the drinking,
And peace on earth, goodwill to men
Isn’t really what most are thinking!

It all has to be done, put on a show
Make sure the kids presents are the best,
For when they all return to school
Their parents must pass this test.

Not much cheer in the Christmas crush
Battling each other in the shops,
To get all excesses in good time,
You must pull out all the stops.
Or be deprived of those luxuries
The adverts scream you must buy,
So your greatest day stresses soar
No matter just how hard you try.

For Christmas isn’t all it seems
Despite your spending and the drinking,
And peace on earth, goodwill to men
Isn’t really what most are thinking!

Greed mentality takes over dwellings
Cramming supplies up to the walls,
As if to withstand some long siege
This one day battle is made for fools
Who succumb to the media demands,
And empty their banks and cash flow.
So after the fuss and waste is done
It’s not worth seeing your money go.

But I’m no Scrooge or killjoy at all
I like a booze up too, that I must say,
Though I really can’t help thinking
How nice if it was Christmas every day.
And not the seasons bloating scene
With It’s pushing and shoving crowd,
Who cannot see that just being nice
All long year round is still allowed!

Supporting help for heroes
Supporting help for heroes

In just over three years I have become a five times published modern down-to -earth poet, who donates all but my costs to the charity Help for Heroes from book sales, readings, general fund raising and my “Personal Poem for You” service. I have just had my fifth book published, and like my other books it encompasses a wide spectrum of themes across romance, humour, reflection and tragedy.

To promote this latest book I have been on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, Hailsham FM, and East London Radio are playing recordings of my “Poetry World & Help for Heroes Support” plus me reading out three poems. I have also been featured again in The Eastbourne Herald and do many poetry readings and talks to various groups where I don’t charge but welcome a donation to Help for Heroes.

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