Laurie Wilkinson, The Psychy Poet – Coincidental Chance

From his fifth and latest book “Life Presented in Verse“, comes a poem of “romantic hope” that we can always find or get caught by love. It is entitled “Coincidental Chance”.

The Psychy Poet
The Psychy Poet

Coincidental Chance

You spoke to me out of the blue
And I didn’t know who you were,
But like Pitney’s “24 hours from Tulsa”
Such happenings can occur.
For I had felt an instant shudder
That I couldn’t quite control,
Also a strange realisation
You had touched my very soul.

We did the awkward introductions
That two strangers muddle through,
After your identity mistake
That I was someone else you knew.
So I tried to cover your blushes
And embarrassment so clear,
But again I felt compelled
By the need to hold you near.

Thus we both stood quite flustered
By clearly felt sensations,
Running through the two of us
Defying all explanations,
As to what had just happened
Within an amazing heartbeat,
When people blend together
And their very souls now meet.

Now you look at me and say my name
And I go shaky at the knees,
But when I felt your touch
I thought my blood would freeze.
So now we need to decipher
Just what we can understand
About this, and further actions,
As we walk off, hand in hand.

Supporting help for heroes
Supporting help for heroes

In just over three years I have become a five times published modern down-to -earth poet, who donates all but my costs to the charity Help for Heroes from book sales, readings, general fund raising and my “Personal Poem for You” service. I have just had my fifth book published, and like my other books it encompasses a wide spectrum of themes across romance, humour, reflection and tragedy.

To promote this latest book I have been on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey, Hailsham FM, and East London Radio are playing recordings of my “Poetry World & Help for Heroes Support” plus me reading out three poems. I have also been featured again in The Eastbourne Herald and do many poetry readings and talks to various groups where I don’t charge but welcome a donation to Help for Heroes.

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