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New Look Newsletter

Frame of Bee Brood
Frame of Bee Brood

We hope you like our new look newsletter – you can view the full HTML version here. Having carried out some research into how people view our newsletters we have found that the old format was behaving badly on some phones and devices, so we hope this style will be easier for all to read (please do give feedback).

We have also decided to merge our general and beekeeping newsletters. With the body of information now accessible on links to our blog, it is easier for you to choose which snippets are of interest to you, and with more and more interest in bees, we realise it is not just our beekeeping customers who like to read Amanda’s Beekeeping articles. Our regular contributors will still continue to write for us but on a ‘featured’ basis throughout the year.

Our own bees gave us a scare this month; having carried out a thorough inspection we were quite confident that both hives were in good health to go through the winter. However when we opened one hive a couple of weeks later we found no sign of brood (eggs, larva and pupa) which meant something was a-miss with the queen (and no winter bees would be emerging to take the colony through the winter months). We had to establish what was happening before we could take any action, and as the bees were still behaving well, (they weren’t at all angry, as is usually the case if something is wrong in the hive) we kept observing from the outside and then on a warm day had a look, thankfully we found lots of healthy brood; so it looks like the old queen had been superseded and we now have a new young queen who has just come into lay – fingers crossed all will be well!

Sussex honey 1lb
Sussex honey 1lb

With this year’s honey crop now taken from the hives we are pleased to have some lovely local honey for sale; Mike’s honey is from hives in the Bexhill area; he is an experienced beekeeper, keeping bees since 1972 and is the president of our local Beekeeping Association. Mike also runs some of our training sessions here at Mantel Farm so you may see him here from time to time (lookout for the ‘beekeeping in progress’ sign).

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