This Month’s Pest Feature – The Feral Pigeon

Graham Burgess provides a local pest control service, including Bees, Wasps, Mice, Rabbits, Mink, Moles, Rats, Earwigs and Birds. This month he has written a feature on Feral Pigeons.

Feral Pigeon
The Feral Pigeon

Feral Pigeons originate from cliff nesting Rock Doves so now they look upon all types of buildings as nothing more than a fancy cliff. They require little nesting
material sometimes only a pile of droppings with just a few twigs. They will start laying in early spring and usually produce 2 eggs 4 times a season.

Pigeons can cause a lot of damage by fouling around their nest and roost sites because they are a creature of habit they will roost on exactly the same spot and face the same direction every night this can build up a large pile of droppings. Nest sites can also provide shelter for irritating invertebrates which may then invade and annoy the occupants of the building.

They are also thought to be involved in the spread of certain diseases that can be caught by humans and their livestock. They will also raid feed hoppers eating the
corn and pellets meant for the chickens.

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